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Welcome to Strike A Match!

We've all been there, first date after first date and they all end the same way - a dud.

Or you start chatting with someone online for a few weeks, all seeming very promising, and when you finally meet in person you realize the spark you had was only virtual and the match burns out.

That's where Strike A Match comes in. You will get the best of both worlds - the comfort and ease of meeting someone online and actually meeting them. You're not meeting their picture or their profile, you will meet them face to face on a virtual speed date!

Virtual speed dating through Strike A Match can help ease the nerves of approaching someone from across the room and takes out the guesswork of dating apps.

In a conversation with someone you can learn a lot, and quickly. You can learn where they're from, their interests, their line of work, and most importantly if they are someone you want to see again. The problem with online dating apps is that the conversations are all virtual, they are lacking that face to face, real human connection necessary to spark a romance and make a relationship work.

This is no knock to dating apps or people who use them. So many people have been able to find their forever through these online connections! Strike A Match is here for those looking to level up their online dating and make real connections from the start.

How does it work?

During the online speed dating event, you will be paired with up to 12 people and will chat with each person for a few minutes. If you "strike a match", you can choose to share your contact information with each other and set up an in-person date.

For more specific details, please visit our FAQ page.

Why should I attend?

Maybe you're tired and frustrated with dating apps. Maybe you've been out of the dating scene for a while and are looking for a unique way to jump back in. Or maybe you just want a little refresh from your current dating trends.

Whatever your reason, Strike A Match is the place for you to add a little "spark" back into your dating life.

Who is it for?

Any and all single adults!

Each event is tailored to a particular age range and geographical location. Find the event that matches your age and location, sign up, and let the sparks fly!

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